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I'm writing this blog as a way to find humor and insights in starting to learn Karate as an adult. I really am 37 years old and although I’m not a white belt anymore, I liked the title. You can see my current belt color in the photo. My family and I started to learn a Korean form of Karate called Tang Soo Do this past year. We all enjoy the classes and I'm finding humility in the fact that children 3 times younger than myself are able to kick my you-know-what.

I want to mention the school that we attend as I think it’s a first rate school and will enjoy learning more there. The Institute of Martial Arts is located in Wallingford, Connecticut and is a part of the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation which is mostly located in Connecticut, but has branches internationally as well. The Cheezic Federation is lead by Grandmaster Robert A. Cheezic who I’ve only seen once during the grading. The school is directed by Master Harry E. Needham III and Master Lyne Landry. We’ve only meet Master Needham once, but he spent some time talking with us and I was impressed by not only his karate abilities, but by the man himself. Master Landry is always present at the Saturday classes and I’ve had the chance to spar with her. You’ll be able to hear about that event later in the blog. It’s because of her that I’m enjoying the school and would like to continue.

Please join me in my adventures into the martial arts world of Tang Soo Do. I hope you find it humorous and hopefully a bit insightful.

- Wendy Austin